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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Enjoy the Journey

Young people, in particular, tell me they are stressed trying to achieve success.

They tell me that the pressure to do it all ... be successful, have friends, manage a household, perhaps start a family of their own ... is more than they can seem to handle at times.

Well, you can have it all .... but not at the same time! Enjoy the journey!

Success is typically an "overnight phenomenom" that really takes about 20 years. It is a process. The adult mentors of young professionals spent many years juggling life commitments such as family, health, education, fitness, friends and career. Achievement of career success at the expense of enjoying a total life, is well, not a very happy success ultimately.

We all need to prioritize our commitments and do the best we can with the time we have. No one expects perfection at all times in all things. Understanding your personal choices and owning them as your current priority is a platform for lifetime success. And a sense of timing your commitments to meet your goals goes a long way toward postioning yourself on a positive path.

So relax and smell the roses, enjoy your choices and commit to time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting it all Done!

Does it ever seem like there is not enough time to get it all done ... living your life?

Join the crowd. The "on the Run" notion of this blog is tied to the fact that so many of us have more on our To Do list than can actually be accomplished 24/7. If you are one of those individuals consider developing your skills in compartmentalizing.

By compartmentalizing, I mean, focus on your priority tasks immediately and put the others on the back burner. Today's urgent tasks will take your primary energy and focus. Tomorrow you can deal with the rest.

This may seem like a simple thought, but so often we allow all of the many goals and responsibilities of our lives and careers to crowd into our mind all at once leaving us exhausted, confused and unable to accomplish the needed immediate tasks in front of us. If you have experienced this, remember to compartmentalize. Deal with the tasks in today's compartment and let the others go for now. Focus. Act. Revisit the rest of your goals tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

At the height of your accomplishment, this will require that you set clear priorities for yourself and share them with those closest to you so they understand how you are handling the overload of life, career, family or whatever is on your list.

In time, this discipline will become second nature and will enable you to work toward your success most effectively ... on the run!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Giving Back ... When and How Much?

This week I had a question arise from the audience at the end of my Millionaire Women luncheon keynote at the Intown Club in Cleveland, Ohio:

"Is it important to give back? How often and how much?"

The answer: "Yes, frequently and as much as you can!"

In years of experience and observation of volunteerism and philanthropy it has become apparent that giving back is integral to success and often is proportionate to the degree of success of an individual or an organization. It has been shown in studies put forth by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) that the most successful corporations in the United States have the most robust philanthropy and associate volunteer programs.

That said, individuals and businesses just starting out are encouraged to give back to the level they can, rather than waiting for the perfect moment or the dollars to make the big gift. Giving back is a habit that is part of character and culture for individuals and organizations. For those who have limited financial means to share, giving back can be through a donation of time to a non-profit organization, school, civic or community cause.

"The open hand of giving is never empty." Mel Kaufmann, The Millionaire Handbook

Kaufmann's quote reflects the experience of so many generous individuals who find new relationships, new learning, a sense of purpose and good will that comes from giving back. Giving back has been and continues to be an integral link in the circle of Success.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Invest in Success

Success is not something that comes cheap. In fact, it is really never FREE.

When wealth falls into your lap that is not really Success, that's just Luck! When organizations and individuals tell me they want to be a big success I know they don't really have a commitment to this until they are willing to invest their time, energy, resources, ideas and often, money, into the achievement of top levels of Success.

Sure, most would welcome top honors and the potential financial outcomes, but true peak achievement levels are earned through the investment of individuals and organizations that would not stop until their vision was realized.

Whether the investment is in personal coaching, training, speaking or grooming ... or in organizational change, staff additions, IT, financial counsel, marketing or team building, be prepared to invest time and/or resources. Be a savvy shopper, but don't be afraid to invest wisely.
True Success is worth it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recreating Your Journey

If you are considering a new path, here are four ways to help you move forward:

  1. Research
  2. Retrain
  3. Network
  4. Volunteer...

Research will help you fully understand all of the aspects of your choice including the energy, commitment, upside and downside potential, and the typical benefits of your choice. Online research, reading, and interviews are good outlets to help you learn all you can.

Retraining is another technique to "recreate" your life, your self, or your career. Community colleges, universities and continuing education programs are great outlets.

Networking with others in the field or potential supporters is of value; ask questions.

Volunteer for work similar to a position you are seeking. Become an expert through your time in a non-paying or non-profit role. This is a great arena for retraining and does the heart good to lend a hand. And remember: "The open hand of giving is never empty." Mel Kaufmann, The Millionaire Handbook.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Looking for the Path?

As I speak with people across the country so many share that they are not sure what will really make them happy and successful. They struggle to define Success in their lives. Without a clear goal, it is impossible to find the path and get the best result.

Are you looking for a new definition of Success in your life?
  • Take a moment and think about when you are the happiest and most at peace in your life.
  • Think about those times when you saw "time fly" and you were unaware of time's passing.
  • Observe people who are passionate about an aspect of their life that is their Success goal.
  • Consider your own strengths, experience and ideas and the value they offer the world.
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Observe the great dreamers of our time, individuals who succeeded in spite of difficult circumstances, folks who achieved terrific Success.

Your observations of others and your focused introspection will help you find the path to your unique Success. But take heart, this is not an overnight fix; it's a process that follows high achievers throughout their lives. And the goals will keep changing as you reach one and move on to the next. Success is a journey. Your path is out there if you continue searching and just keep moving forward!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happiness and Success

When we consider our individual goals and purpose in life, we begin to get our arms around what Success means to each of us. A definite vision of a goal helps the journey there move forward along a clear path. This is true for Success as well.

But even those who are still uncertain about their specific Success goals would agree that one fundamental aspect of a successful life has always been Happiness. The state of being happy is being explored with unprecedented research today as social scientists and psychologists explore what triggers happiness and positive mental health and its impact on our overall health and our lives.

Dan Baker, Author of "What Happy People Know" (2003) offers an enlightening book on the subject of happiness and its attainment. In pursuit of Success, Baker's 12 Qualities of Happiness are worth sharing. They are:
  1. Love
  2. Optimism
  3. Courage
  4. A sense of freedom
  5. Proactivity
  6. Security
  7. Health
  8. Spirituality
  9. Altruism
  10. Perspective
  11. Humor, and
  12. Purpose.

(Dan Baker, PhD is director of the Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch.)

I recommend Baker's book as a quick read in paperback to consider your Happiness goals as part of your personal Run for Success. Pop it in your car, your purse or briefcase to fuel your mind with fresh and upbeat ideas for Success.